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Home Business Success Tip #3 – Be Careful Talking To Your Friends & Family!


Ok, see if you can relate to this one.

You’re all excited about the opportunity you’ve just joined. You approach your friends and family FULL of excitement in hopes that they will be supportive, join, and start down this path of financial independence with you. Instead they: laugh at you, ridicule you, or tell you that you’re stupid “trying these scams”.

We’ve all been there before, and it’s not a fun place to be. If you haven’t done so already you need to accept the following:

1. 95% of your friends and family will NOT support you in your home business endeavors. So get over it!

2. Learn to keep your mouth shut! If your friends and family tell you that they don’t want to hear about your opportunity – then DON’T TELL THEM.

3. Actions speak louder than words. When you drive up in your new Mercedes, they wont have ANYTHING to say to you!

4. Whenever one of your friends “poops on your parade” remember something I heard not too long ago: “Flowers need sunlight to grow…but they also need dirt and rain!”

5. The fact that they don’t support you doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They still want the best for you but they’re just too busy thinking inside to box to understand that there IS a better way!

Don’t try to change the minds of your friends and family. You’re better off just creating a mastermind group of like minded individuals and holding meetings (either in person or over the phone) once a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re all in the same home business or not (although that would be good if you were all in the same “type” of business)

In order for you to achieve real success as a home business entrepreneur, you must surround yourself with other like minded people. Its up to you guys to help each other stretch out of our comfort zones, solve problems too complex to figure out alone, set goals, and stay accountable. Having a mastermind/accountability group is one of the single biggest things that can put you on the fast track to success! Now it’s your turn! Go find at least 3 other home business entrepreneurs and form a mastermind group.
Robert Hundley

Home Business Success Tip #2 – Sorry But It Ain’t Gonna Happen Overnight!


In our first home business success tip I spoke to you about focus. Now it’s time to talk about the 2nd half of the equation! I’ve had this secret told to me by numerous successful people over the years, and more and more I’ve found it to be true.

My good friend and mentor, Devon Brown, told me a great story to illustrate this success secret and I’d like to share it with you:

========== Devon’s Story (As told by Devon) ==================
Back in 2001 (way before I became a successful Internet Marketer) I learned the truth about “overnight riches” while attending my fist “how to make money” seminar (which I spent $4,000 to attend). This was a real estate investing seminar and I was bound and determined to make it as a real estate investor (which never happened– hahahaha)

Anyways, I went up to the gentleman who was teaching my group and proceeded to tell him how bad I needed money now! I can’t remember the gentleman’s name but we’ll call him “Bob” for the sake of this article. Here’s how the conversation went.

Bob: So Devon, which area of real estate would you like to focus on?

Me: Which ever one will make me money the fastest…and I need money RIGHT NOW!

Bob: But which area do you like the best, which area could you see yourself doing long

Me: It doesn’t matter Bob, I went completely broke in order t make it here, I’ve got to
make all of my money back in 30 days or I’m gonna die

Bob: Look Devon, I’ve been there…and I’m telling you it’s not gonna happen overnight.
You’ve got to stay focused for an extended period of time and then slowly
but surely results will start to happen.

Me: That’s nice Bob, but I don’t have time to dilly dally around I NEED MONEY NOW!

Needless to say; my real estate investing career didn’t last very long: But that’s not the point of the story.

The point of the story is that I had someone telling me the REAL answer. I didn’t want to listen. So I went about doing things my way and continued to jump from opportunity to opportunity, while at the same time continuing to stay broke!

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t care WHAT the guru promises you, how badly you want it, or how certain you are that “this is the one” Success and true financial freedom WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!!!! So there it is, the 100% truth, either accept it and move forward, or continue to fight it and keep struggling!

=========================== END OF STORY ====================

Let me put it another way….

When it comes to you achieving success, you will have to work hard at first and be willing to get little or no results. After a while, you will hit what I like to call the “tipping point” and things will start to happen for you faster then you ever thought.

To better illustrate his path to success, let’s take a look at what will happen if you take a penny and double it ever day for 31 days.

Day 1 – .01 cents
Day 2 – .02 cents
Day 3 – .04 cents
Day 4 – .08 cents
Day 5 – .16 cents
Day 6 – .32 cents
Day 7 – .64 cents
WOW – not very impressive
But let’s keep going
Day 8 – $1.28
Day 9 – $2.56
Day 10 – $5.12
Day 11 – $10.24
Day 12 – $20.48
Day 13 – $40.96
Day 14 – $81.92
Woo Hoo- $80 bucks and the month is half way over!
Day 15 – $163.84
Day 16 – $327.68
Day 17 – $655.36
Day 18 – $1310.72
Day 19 – $2621.44
Day 20 – $5242.88
Day 21 – $10485.76 ß This is where the “tipping point” occurs
Actually this isn’t looking too bad –
just 10 more days to go
Day 22 – $20,971.52
Day 23 – $41,943.04
Day 24 – $83,886.08
Day 25 – $167,772.16
Day 26 – $335,544.32
Day 27 – $671,088.64
Day 28 – $1,342,177.20
Day 29 – $2,684,354.40
Day 30 – $5,368,708.80
Day 31 – $10,737,417.60

Now, if you don’t understand the analogy, let me explain. The penny represents your work effort compounded over time. If you notice, you go about 2/3 of the way through the month before you start seeing any serious gains. But the more and more you stay focused the faster the gains come.

In the first 21 days you go from $0.01 to $10,000. But in the final 10 days you go from $10,000 to over $10-MILLION!!

Just like it takes consistency to turn a penny into $10-Million…It also takes consistency for you to reach your financial goals as a home business entrepreneur. But with FOCUSED & CONSISTENT action; it WILL happen!
Robert Hundley

Home Business Success Secret #1 – Consistent Focus Is The Key To Everything


Think about this…

If you place a leaf on the ground on a sunny day, what happens?…Absolutely nothing But…if you place a magnifying glass over that leaf and hold it still, what happens? The sun’s light is focuses through the magnifying glass and a hole is burned in the leaf. “FOCUS” is the difference between a warm leaf and a forest fire.

The problem with 99% of home business entrepreneurs is that they never commit to focusing on ONE endeavor. Most of us never made the commitment to ourselves (before we got started) that we were only going to focus on ONE business and ONE outcome UNTIL we reached our goal! As far as I’m concerned, you need to look at today as a brand new day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life as a home business entrepreneur. Today is the day that you clear everything else off of your table and focus on ONE home business endeavor! Most network marketing and home business entrepreneurs think that they’ll be able to “multi-task” their way to success. As a society, we get a perverse sense of importance when we think to ourselves that we’re “super busy because we’ve got a lot on our plate and we’re juggling a bunch of stuff”. Do yourself a favor….STOP!

It’s kind of like you trying to tie both shoes at the same time…IT DOESN’T WORK! You either tie ONE shoe at a time or you walk around in your socks all day. ONE thing that every single successful home business entrepreneur knows is this: If you do not have complete focus on the outcome you desire, you will NEVER reach your goals!
But, understanding (and implementing) the power of focus isn’t just important to your success as a home business entrepreneur, it’s important to your success in ALL aspects of your life! Start by focusing on the small tasks that take only a short period of time to complete. Soon, your “focus muscles” will be strong enough for you to complete large tasks at lighting speed! Where we place our focus, the rest of our mind and emotions will follow.

If right at this moment you are “focusing” on more than one way to make money in a home business…then you’re not focusing! The word “focus” implies attention on ONE item. Try focusing on flying a kite while baking some cookies and see if the cookies don’t burn or the kite doesn’t fly away!

And if you choose not to focus on only 1 thing; then accept the fact that you’re probably never going to reach your goals. Go pick ONE business endeavor to focus on RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow we’ll move on to the second success secret!
Robert Hundley