Is Information Overload Is Robbing You Of Success?

If you’re like most people I talk to on a regular basis about their lack of success in making
money on the Internet, then you’re most likely struggling with one huge problem – Information Overload.

It’s true. There are so many people trying to get your attention that very quickly you feel overwhelmed by all of it and don’t really know where to start or what to do next.

What seems to make the problem worse is that expert marketers are constantly coming up with new products, and these people are GREAT at making us WANT what it is that they are offering. I’ve met people who have tons of programs on their computer gathering “digital” dust.

The gurus often use the term “Shiny Object Syndrome” to describe this situation. They know that the majority of people who buy their products will never ask for a refund because they never get around to implementing the product they bought! The thing is, many of the products the gurus sell are really pretty good.

You start out with the best of intentions, buy a program or product, sit down and start working your way through it, and before you know it you’re off to doing something else. After a few days you forget all about your “new program” and are off doing something else.

The sad part is, this can go on literally for years without you even realizing it! Want to know how I know this? Two reasons: 1) I was a master of this, as guilty as the next person, and 2) I know expert marketers who talk about this all of the time.

In my next post, we’ll talk about some ways to overcome Information Overload or Shiny Object Syndrome as it’s often called.

Talk to you soon.

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